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My name is Paul, I am an ex-pat Australian residing in Pattaya and I am the web master.

Web Master Paul & Toi
Paul & Toi

I was first introduced to Archarn Anek in March or April 2007 by my Thai lady Toi, who is now my wife.

Note: Toi firmly believes, the Sak Yant she received 2 weeks before we met is what brought us together.

Since then both Toi and I have spent literally hundreds of hours with Archarn Anek and his family and they have accepted both of us into their family and treat us like we are family, to the point they are now telling me “You not Farang, You Thai” hahahahaha

I have developed this Website in co-operation with my son Jeremy, who works in the field of Web design and development, neither of us have received any remuneration for the work done on this site.

We have done this, to share with the world the magnificent Sak Yant that Archan Anek creates, and is not intended to be a definitive be all, end all of Sak Yant.

I personally have witnessed, to what extent people are prepared to travel, just to get a Sak Yant from Archan Anek, I witnessed 2 young Thai ladies arrive one day after spending nearly 18 hrs travelling by bus and then taxi from Phuket via Bangkok, just to get their Sak Yant’s, then hopped straight back into the Taxi to make the long trip back to Phuket, now that’s dedication.

I apologise sincerely for any, mis-information or mis-spelling of the Yant names on this site, but as my limited Thai and my ability to transliterate Thai to English improves, then I will repair anything that is wrong. Feel free to help me out if you know something is wrong.

If you have good quality photo’s of Archan’s work and any positive comments about your experience, please use the Facebook page to post it up, when adding photos, please make them as high quality as possible.

Visit us periodically and see whats new.

Yours Sincerely

Web Master