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Dear Friends of Archan Anek and devotees of Poodum.

For many years now I have continued to maintain this website and a couple of other information based websites at my own expense, however the financial burden is getting a little to big.

I have tried various things to try and generate a small amount of income to cover my costs and outlays, but none of them have been of any use at all, to be 100% honest with you, in the 4 years since I added the Google Ads on this site they have still not even generated 1/3 of the cost of just one years hosting and domain registration costs.

If you found this website useful and informative, please consider making a small donation to assist me with my overheads, even a single $1 from enough people would go a long way towards covering the overheads and perhaps even allow me to go to a premium hosting which has benefits for you in increased page load/browsing speeds.

If enough people help me out, I will remove these crappy ads forever.

Thank You in advance for any kind donation you make.

Note: If this is your first visit and you haven’t had a chance to spend some time perusing the site yet, you can click on the Donate Now button in the side bar when your finished, if you like what you saw.

May Buddha be with you.

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