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FAQ – The Following is a list of the more mundane frequently asked questions I get day in day out.


So here are the FAQ

FAQ 1: Who do I need to contact to organise my Sak Yant
Answer: Gaan, his number is listed on the “About Us Page, DO NOT contact the Webmaster, he cannot and will not arrange it for you.

FAQ 2: Do I need to make an appointment
Answer: No you do not, simply call Gaan the day before you wish to go and make arrangements.

FAQ 3: Will Gaan pick me up from almost any where.
Answer: NO HE WILL NOT, he will only collect you from Pattaya, it is your responsibility to make your own way to Pattaya, approx 120 kms from Bangkok, he will collect you from the Bus Stations or your hotel, bus services are regular and cheap. Private Taxi’s start from around 800 baht each way from Bangkok.

FAQ 4: How can I communicate with Archarn Anek if he speaks no English
Answer: There are usually enough people around that can help you to communicate with him, alternatively, take someone out with you on the day, who can translate for you.

FAQ 5: Can I get more than 1 Sak Yant in 1 sitting ???
Answer: Yes you can.

FAQ 6: How much will my Sak Yant cost ?????
Answer: I have no idea, it will depend entirely on what you have done, ie: how big it is, how long it takes to complete. However a simple Average sized Sak Yant may be in the range of 3000 Baht, plus the cost of your offering to Buddha, usually around 300 baht.

FAQ 7: Can women have Sak Yant Tattoo’s
Answer: Of course you can, go have another look at the Photo Gallery, there are quite a few women in there.

FAQ 8: My date of birth is ??/??/?? what Sak Yant can I have ??????????
Answer: I wouldn’t have a clue, I am the Web Master, not the Sak Yant Master, that you will need to discuss with Archan Anek

FAQ 9: Are there rules that I need to follow once I have received my Sak Yant
ANSWER: The simple answer is, not really, you will most likely be given a short Yantra to recite every morning, but outside of that, it’s basically just the Buddhist ethos of living a good clean life and being good to others, treating others the way you wish to be treated.

FAQ 10: What is the minimum age to receive a Sak Yant ??????????
ANSWER: The answer is unaccompanied, maybe 18, but should a minor of around 15 or 16 be accompanied by his parents/legal guardians, he or she may be granted a Sak Yant,
depending on what type they want. The webmaster is not aware of any legal requirements regarding minimum age. (But that doesn’t mean there isn’t)

FAQ 11: What kind of ink is used to create the Sak Yants ??????????
Answer: Nothing special, it is ordinary, every day, commercially produced, tattoo ink

FAQ 12: Does Archan Anaek use Bamboo to create his Tattoos ???
Answer: No, he uses 6 very fine needles bonded together, still in the tap method, which gives a Tattoo of much greater detail than a sharpened sliver of Bamboo and is considered more hygienic.

FAQ 13: How does Archan Anek sterilise his needles. Is it safe from htds, hepatitis or aids ??
Answer: To the best of my knowledge it is safe.  He uses alcohol and flame after each
person, I have never had an infection, nor do I know of anyone who has, pity I can’t say
the same for the commercially done tattoo’s that I have.

FAQ 14: Will Archan Anek change the needles just for you, if you ask him ????
Answer: You can ask if you want too, but I don’t like your chances, it is not a simple process and takes a fair bit of time

FAQ 15: How long will it take for my new Sak Yant to heal ??????????
Answer: It is truly amazing, it normally takes only 2 or 3 days to heal to the point where you can feel no pain, commercial gun made tattoo’s can take 2 weeks or more to get to the same point

FAQ 16: Will the Webmaster answer any question I throw at him, that is not related to this website or Archarn Anek.
Answer: NO I WILL NOT, I do this as a free service, I am not a booking service or a means for you to identify Sak Yants done by other people. Frivolous questions directed to me will be ignored.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.