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About Us – Archan Anek is the nephew of a monk named Poodum.

About Us - Poodum

Poodum died in the late 1970’s after reaching the third level of enlightenment, thus elevating him to the status of Buddha, ardent devotees of Archan Anek believe that when he creates a Sak Yant for you, it is Poodum guiding his hand.

Archan Anek’s body is heavily tattooed, all of these tattoo’s where created by Poodum, and was Poodum‘s “apprentice”, upon his death the status of “Master” was passed on to Archan Anek, and over the past 30+ years he has become a true master in every sense.

About Us - Making an offering to Buddha
Adrian Preparing for his latest Sak Yants

Archan Anek is highly regarded and even revered throughout Thailand, devotee’s have been known to travel from as far afield as Chang Mai and Phuket to receive a Yant from him.

Before receiving a Yant from Archan Anek, an offering must be made to Buddha, and after receiving your Yant, both you and your Yant will receive a blessing.

The traditional method of this style of tattoo is to use a length of sharpened bamboo, this method however has its limitations About Us - The Tap Methodwith regards to fine detail. Archan Anek uses sharp tattoo needles, but in the original Tap method, the fine detail achieved this way is quite astounding as can be witnessed by viewing our gallery.

If you are holidaying in Pattaya and you  would like to visit us for one of the best Sak Yant tattoo’s available, have your Thai lady call and make arrangements, this is the best idea, as our English skills are limited, but our  Sak Yant Tattooing skills are not.  Alternately you can call Jaan yourself and arrange it.

The cost of your Sak Yant will depend solely on the complexity and amount of time involved, but will be far less than what you would pay for a similar amount of time in a Commercial Tattoo Parlour.

A little more About Us

Our Phone No is: (Thai)

089-8226515 : 086-8286617

Pickup Service:  Gaan (Sorry No English, have a Thai call him for you)

086 8286617 (Fee Applies)

Foot Note 1: The spelling I have used for “Archan” is how he has it on his Business Card, however due to the vagaries of  Thai – English transliteration, it can also be spelt “Ajarn” but both mean the same thing ie:  Master or Teacher (Web Master)

Foot Note 2: There are a few different ways to navigate your way to our studio from Pattaya, if you have your own transport and feel confident that you can navigate your way here, you can plan your trip with the aid of the interactive Google Map below.

To try and save you some drama, I have added a marker in Google Maps, Poodum Tattoo Studio see below.

GPS Co-ordinates are: Lat: 12.895895°    Lon: 100.960290°

To use the directions map below, zoom the map up a little and click on the Icons for actual directions.

(Tip: stay on sealed roads, some of the local unsealed roads, have “heavy vehicle” traffic and are a complete mess)