Welcome to Poodum Tattoo, the home of the Sak Yant Master Ajarn Anek

Sak Yant tattoo’s have religous and other inferences, the Yant that you have in mind, may not be given to you.

Many are considered to be lucky for you in your job, or personal life, if the Yant you are wanting is considered to be “Bad Luck” for you, then Archan Anek will advise you as to what is more suitable for you, generally based on your year of birth.

IE: the Leaping TigerSuea Maha AmnajYant is generally not given to anyone that is born in the year of the Pig, Goat etc as these animals are prey for a Tiger.

Archan Anek believes that if he where to give you a “Bad LuckYant, that he will be afforded similar bad luck.

Hi Everybody,

To allow those who have received a Sak Yant from Archan Anek to tell everyone about how much they enjoyed the experience and how much they love his work, I have created a Group on my Facebook page called “Friends of Archan Anek – Sak Yant Master

So why not join the group  and post up your thoughts and any photo’s that you may have not sent me to post on the Web Site. Please note that anything I deem inappropriate on the Facebook page will be deleted, it is there only to promote Archan Aneks work, not someone else’s.

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership of the group is not guaranteed, I will inspect your profile and decide if you seem to be genuinely interested in this subject or whether you are what I like to call a “Serial Grouper”

If you belong to a very large number of groups and or I consider that you are wanting membership to sell whatever it is you are selling, then there is little chance you will be granted membership.

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Paul Cade

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