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Sacred-Tattoos-of-Thailand-coverWe are pleased to provide to you a list of publications that are available to purchase online.

For those of you that like to own publications and read up on the subject, I am hopeful that you will find something to your liking. Check it out today and happy reading.

Click on the link below to view the list of Sak Yant books available, or have a look through the carousel and select the book that interests you.

Sak Yant Publications

Growing up I always wanted a tattoo but was never able to commit to anything

As the years went on I thought I was over it.  I guess it all started again when I went on Vipassana while in Australia.  There was this girl with the most beautiful tattoos.  I asked her about her tattoos and she told me she had them done the traditional way with a bamboo stick in Borneo.  I was intrigued and the seed was replanted. Continue reading

Back for my second Sak Yant

My very first tattoo took me 38 years to get and I am glad I wanted and had a Yan Koo Poo Tong as my first experience. The experience of having my first tattoo and also getting it done in a different country seemed very overwhelming at first. My friend Mark did a good job at trying to calm my nerves leading up to the whole experience. Continue reading

I took my friend this time

The first time I visited Ajarn Anek was to arrange to have a “Yan Ha Tel” the now famous five lines on Anjelina Jolie or as my daughter calls it “barcode” I’d wanted one for a long time but did not know how to go about getting a good tattoo within easy distance from my condo.  I found Ajarn Anek by asking around in Pattaya, a new friend Adrian told me of the website, he told me it was strongly recommended by someone he knows; but now forgets who. This was a year back now. It took a year for Adrian and myself to be both in Pattaya at the same time. After my adventures to Ajarn Anek for my “Yan Ha Tel” Continue reading

New: Friends of Archan Anek Facebook group

Hi Everybody,

To allow those who have received a Sak Yant from Archan Anek to tell everyone about how much they enjoyed the experience and how much they love his work, I have created a Group on my Facebook page called “Friends of Archan Anek – Sak Yant Master

So why not join the group  and post up your thoughts and any photo’s that you may have not sent me to post on the Web Site. Please note that anything I deem inappropriate on the Facebook page will be deleted, it is there only to promote Archan Aneks work, not someone else’s.

Click here to go to the Facebook Group


Paul Cade


Happy Couple

Dear Paul,

A few weeks ago I visited Acharn Anek and received my first yant, and my wife received hers as well (yan ha tel). A photo of mine is attached, which I received on my forearm.

It was a wonderful experience. Both my wife and I felt very much at ease with Acharn Anek, who impressed us with his easy laughter and warm demeanour. The ceremony was very spiritual, both before and after the tattooing. Continue reading